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actually according to the mayan calendar the world will end on december 22nd 2012. the earth will be rocked by a giant earth quake, killing all but two people who will start the human race over. then again the mayan calendar also says that the world ends every forty years. therefore everyone over the age of forty should be dead

those crazy mayans, they should know that they should not predict the end of the world

the world "as we know it "will end . thats what the mayans are saying.

Total misrepresentation. The Mayan calendar doesn't END the world at all - it goes through a cycle. Granted, there's supposed to be a cataclysmic battle between good and evil in 2012 (I thought it was December 21st?), but civilization will not crumble to pieces. We're basically just resetting a 4,000-year hourglass.

You're so fucking behind, this is old news, get with the time.And the end of the world has been predicted for thousands of years, all pointing the same date, some even the seconds. The Mayans had a time system that would predicted lunar eclipses and other events, down to the second and it has been always right. There is also like 5 different things that are suppose to happen, the astriod being only one of them. Do some research.


The last guy is a retarded fucking idiot

Yeah the world definatyley isnt going to end...

I agree with K111

People saying that are fucking stupid as hell

The Mayans are off their nuts

lol xD

But the real thing that is going to happen in 2012... is that a lot of things are going to be changing... that is the truth...

And it is also when I graduate from Highschool

lol xD

Apparently, we were all supposed to die from Y2K in 2000. And a couple months back from the LHC if I recall -_-
But wait...yeah, nah, that's right. We're still alive :D

last time i checked

It's not meteors that's said to destroy the world at 2012, it's that Planet X or Nibiru that's gonna collide with earth.

Not that I believe in the existence of this planet or the doomsday theory.

motherfucking nonbelievers...you are probably another dumbass christian!

nah, i just don't believe shit on the internet

It just dawned on me. Anyone else realize that the next voting for the president is 2012? Maybe the next prez will end up screwing up and starting a war.

maybe you are right perhaps, or obama will go for an unbeatable feat that will ultimatly end the world as we know it

Good God idiots like u will believe in anything on the interweb so long as it comes with cake and porn. I can believe anyone trusts that sh*t. And eff the mayans. >:(
But anyway hope RE-UNdead is good. =]

This is a message in agreeance with K111, and proof to back it up

Not a fucking thing is going to happen in 2012 guys... there is NOTHING that's going to kill man except for the hand of man... alright, even if there was a giant meteor, we could nuke it. Planet? We have enough time to send enough shit up there to knock it off course. If something WAS going to happen, NASA wouldn't be sitting on their asses planning a trip to mars, they would be doing all they could from the time this shit reached them to 2012 trying to save our asses, so seriously, all people that believe in this 2012 shit, SHUT UP, SIT DOWN AND BEHAVE!

well said son, well said

People will believe anything nowadays, and yes I do not believe
the world will end in 2012.

Well said, K111.
The Mayans got tired of making a damn calender.
Everyone is acting like they're the wisest motherfuckers since Master Roshi.
The world is NOT going to end, get over it. lol

i read all the ones i thought were worth reading and i think GrimmShadowXlls explaination is worth the Nobel Peace Prize. all u guys who think its going to end,if it does im pretty sure id be by zombie infestation or a giant freaky ass mother fucking mutated squirrel. take ur pick

One thing that people need to understand is that everything is a conspiracy.

I agree with Nuttro, everything IS a conspiracy, that's why there is an organization running under our noses and we won't do a damn thing about it.