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I too am learning how to bring my animations more to life in after effects. It's honestly a lot to get used to but you seem to have a much better grasp at it then I. the voices are all done great with proper execution. Would love to see more of this kind of stuff from you as I can see that Classic Rob comedy from the siblings days. Looking forward to more from you Mr.Winchester, God speed.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks! That's certainly the aim, to try and recapture what I had back then. I was struggling against the 3D systems back then, but I struggle a lot less with the current setup so I'm able to focus more on the execution than the troubleshooting. And it's actually a bit of a mix, using Character Animator for the characters themselves (using a webcam for facial movements speeds things up a bit) and After Effects for all the smaller details and background work. This one was quite the ordeal to sort through, especially considering the deadline, but I managed to get it out just in time. Thanks for watching, hopefully I'm able to streamline the process more in the coming months!

as a star-wars fan I love this. Great timing on the video btw!

haha, funny, I like it!

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love it. addicting and has a great progression of challenge

very cute and fun

game of the year

Little-Rena responds:

I look forward to collecting my award!

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If I’m gonna use this song I should probably review it. Such a quality piano track that doesn’t take away from any of the visuals I used in my work. Thanks for making this

x-Petrichor-x responds:

Message me when you've finished whatever you're using this for! I would love to see it. Thanks for the positive review :)

i enjoyed this! why not try taking a crack at some of avicii's newer stuff, i wanna hear a dubstep remix of "sunset jesus"

Lubloom responds:

Thanks! I'll have a look, but I want to do a couple of original songs first :)

sexy, gonna add a few of these to my workout playlist once it drops

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aaaaah i love this!

sad to see the show end, it had a great run, even after Edds death

i'm a sucker for art with meaning behind it

ArtBasement responds:


Working towards something great

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