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i will draw you

Posted by Khris - February 12th, 2012

so life is going pretty well, im not gonna pull a bunch of tumblr shit on ya and talk about my personal life, but now that i'm finished school i'm gonna have some more time to animate, eat food and get fat

i've started a new contest to generate some likes for my like page

whoever posts the funniest wall post on my like page, i will draw a character of you and use it in one of my cartoons
(*note, you actually have to like the page to be eligible)

oh and here is the RE-UNdead like page if you wanna like it (it sucks but some people love it)

i also have this new youtube account! check it homies

well thats all for now, till next time, stay sexy newgrounds


define funny? unfortunately I'm not known to be a comedian...all that really counts is that I'm the first person to comment AHA!

anything really, i like wit, something that will make me say "WOW THIS GUYS SOMETHING ELSE"

This is the funniest comment ever !. hahahahahahhaha, agahahahaa, aahhahaaa.

gotta like the fan page bro

In my past life i was a man, just like you. Only smaller and less visible. From here on out I will make a the cool, real big. But it was decided prior to this, that I don't know what I'm talking about.

*gonna regret typing this one day...*

there was this one time, the staff were all bored as shit to the point where mike and stamper wanted to pull a prank on luis but toms all like "Uh un guys we need to finish the redesign! *extra cheeriness*" and psychogoldfish was "fuck that", mike left in defeat but resilient stamper then decides to convince mindchamber to join but he was busy getting his ass whopped at mario kart by afroninja. out of the corner of his eye was the target of choice. built with the pressuring impatient tensions of boredom and desperate sexual frustration, stamper then rushed around the corner ready to drive his mighty fists through the pants and up the only diversity newgrounds has ever hired. it was then stamper realize this was not the ass of an individual who hailed from parts unknown but to his surprise it was tom's brother, looking onward with a blatant stare and cold disposition he turned around and onlooked stamper desperately trying break free from the tightly grasped clenches of his hairless pearly white butt cheeks. luis then peaked around the corner with a smile so sinister yet one any mother would love to fuck, said kindly,

"Don't snap your thumbs up wade's ass"

Gotta do it on the like page

facebook is a social parasite, i'll have nothing to do with it.
Good day sir...

I would love to be a character in any decent flash. But I dont know what's funny. Ill like your page anyway.

Blow me.