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I too am learning how to bring my animations more to life in after effects. It's honestly a lot to get used to but you seem to have a much better grasp at it then I. the voices are all done great with proper execution. Would love to see more of this kind of stuff from you as I can see that Classic Rob comedy from the siblings days. Looking forward to more from you Mr.Winchester, God speed.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks! That's certainly the aim, to try and recapture what I had back then. I was struggling against the 3D systems back then, but I struggle a lot less with the current setup so I'm able to focus more on the execution than the troubleshooting. And it's actually a bit of a mix, using Character Animator for the characters themselves (using a webcam for facial movements speeds things up a bit) and After Effects for all the smaller details and background work. This one was quite the ordeal to sort through, especially considering the deadline, but I managed to get it out just in time. Thanks for watching, hopefully I'm able to streamline the process more in the coming months!

hahaha, funny cartoon. i like it

SmoochToons responds:

haha thanks!!

very well animated, the story was a bit over my head but I think there is some real potential. Was curious about the plotline involving "red". hope to see more!

GenericAnime responds:

oh you'll see red sooner then you think ;) (by soon i mean like 6 or more months of painful work)

nice experimental work. I dig the style.

egglebreg responds:


Oh that's some beautiful animation you got there friend. Keep up the good work!

killerjabuti responds:

Thanks. :)

Charming! could use a bit of touching up in some scenes but other then that a great spin on a classic scene!

olifromsolly responds:

there's some inconsistencies with the command window that need fixing.

Remember watching these back in high school! Glad you got to finish it off man

Sirschmoopy responds:

The cool thing is I didn't do anything my man. This was made by Johnny Voruz who helped remake the series and then for christmas last year gave this video to me as a present. It's fan fiction too wholesome to not make canon.

really happy to see people making fanimation of Edd, for what it is and the minimal amount of time given to you by way of voicing, its good for what it is :)

BillyBCreations responds:

Thanks a bunch dude!

2 stars, i hate game grumps, and i hate the constant uploads of animated ones, try to figure out some original content. Animation itself wasn't have bad but wasn't great either

Chauder responds:

I just wanted to do a funny moment, thanks though.

nice clean joke, very well done

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks, mate! I appreciate that

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